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Toyota-Subaru RWD Sports Coupe Delayed Until 2012

Well folks, it seems that Toyota has made the decision to halt production of the Subieota, a possible RWD sports car that was going to be built through a partnership between Subaru and Toyota. No official reason was given on the decision, although we suspect the downturn in the US automotive economy certainly has something […]

Petter Solberg Falls During Parade Lap

Even the best fall down sometimes, and that’s exactly what happened to Petter Solberg last week at the Bettega Memorial Rallysprint in Bologna, Italy. After the rally, Petter decided to hop up onto the roof of his WRC2008 car, during a parade lap. He managed this task with ease, as we’ve seen him do this before. […]

Edmunds Review: 2009 Lancer Ralliart > 2009 WRX

Yes, you read that right folks. Edmunds has rated the 2009 Lancer Ralliart better than the 2009 WRX. The review was a comparison between the two cars, done by two of the editors for Edmunds. The review claims that both in terms of engine performance and on paper, the WRX is far superior. Although they […]

Subaru introducing bicycles into their lineup?

The cycling world knows about the Gary Fisher-Subaru racing team, but now word is out that the automaker is launching its own line of bicycles in 2009, starting with a spendy steel hardtail XB model, reported to cost US$3,880. Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., maker of the Subaru brand of cars, will outsource production of the bicycles […]

2009 WRX: Another Subaru Failure?

Wow, it seems things are getting quite scary with the new 2009 WRX. Numerous failures throughout the country have already been reported, and to us it seems like only a matter of time before Subaru hopefully issues a recall of some sort. At least, that would be the honorable thing to do. As a very […]