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New STi Concept Renderings Emerge

One of my readers recently tipped me off about some 3D rendered drawings they found on one of the forums. A user by the name of Grid has come up with several 3D renderings of what he thinks the new STi should look like. And guess what? I agree with him. The car’s stance is […]

DIY Pinch Weld Adapter

Recently I’ve found that jacking up my STi has been a lot easier when doing so from the pinch weld of the car. However, I quickly realized that using a standard floor jack could cause possible damage to the pinch weld. Therefore, I’ve created a pinch weld adapter for my floor jack using a hockey […]

Toyobaru: Codenamed 086A still in the works

At the recent Nostalgic Car Show in Tokyo’s Odaiba, 7Tune got busy talking with a few people in the know about a certain two door coupe.  Indeed there has been a lot of talk and rumors about the jointly developed ‘Toyobaru” sports coupe in the news of late. However we have it on good authority that […]

High Speed + Snow Tires = FAIL

One of our readers tipped us off on a post they found over at the FinalGear forums. Apparently, a friend of a FinalGear member was driving late at night, and swerved to avoid a deer. The outcome? The car hit two tress, flipped twice, and everyone survived. The driver of the car had a harness […]

PDE Tophat Bolt Length Update

Just posting up a quick update to my previous blog post about the PDE Camber Plates. As I previously mentioned, the tophat bolts that come with the camber plates are not long enough to properly fit a standard aftermarket front strut brace. (In my case, I’m using a larger TMIC Whiteline bar) I took a […]