Edmunds Review: 2009 Lancer Ralliart > 2009 WRX


Yes, you read that right folks. Edmunds has rated the 2009 Lancer Ralliart better than the 2009 WRX. The review was a comparison between the two cars, done by two of the editors for Edmunds.

The review claims that both in terms of engine performance and on paper, the WRX is far superior. Although they felt the suspension was still too soft, and therefore “left them scratching their heads after throwing the car through the twisties” and felt the car didn’t “connect” with them.

Also in their closing notes, they stated the main reasons why the Ralliart won:

  • Greater sporting character
  • Superior steering feel
  • Sharper handling
  • More supportive sport seats

As many of us know, these are things that Subaru has been improving upon over the past few years. Although most recently, the 2008 WRX didn’t have enough power. And what did Subaru finally do? They listened, and beefed up the latest 09 model.

Overall, every car is going to receive a negative review at one time or another, so Subaru shouldn’t really take any heat for this one.

[ Source: Edmunds.com ]

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