HRE Creates First Carbon Fiber Wheelset

HRE Carbon Fiber Wheel @ SEMA

It’s official! HRE, the prestigious maker of automotive wheels, has announced a partnership with Dynamag to create the first production set of carbon fiber wheels. This announcement was publicly made at SEMA, along with a sample display of their soon-to-arrive product.

HRE Carbon Fiber Wheel @ SEMA

For those of you who don’t know HRE, they are one of the best known high-end automotive wheel makers, with applications ranging from BMW’s to Lamborghini’s. They are best known for making multi-piece custom forged wheels.

HRE Carbon Fiber Wheel @ SEMA

Initial cost is expected to run anywhere from $2,500 to – $4,000 / per wheel, with starting sizes available in both 19″ and 20″ applications.

Although we’re still a bit disappointed, as sources tell us that the 20″ application will weight in at just about 21 lbs. That’s a bit heavy for a carbon fiber wheels, especially considering Weds has already announced a 6 lb version. Isn’t weight savings the whole point of going carbon fiber?

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[Pictures taken by Carbon Fiber Gear]

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  1. true says:

    the title should read “HRE makes their first carbon wheel” because WEDS sport made the first fully carbon fiber wheel and Dymag before HRE

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