Subaru @ New England Auto Show: Disappointing

It may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but for us the New England Auto Show is one of the largest shows in the New England area. Unfortunately this year, Subaru didn’t come out quite so well, as we feel their display was quite sub-par.

The main negative concern we have is that they didn’t have the STi or even the WRX on display. They were both nowhere to be found. At best this year, they had the baseline Impreza to show. The disappearance of these cars from the normal display was quite questionable, so of course we asked.

This is how the conversation went:

Us: Hey, so where is the new WRX and STi this year?

Subaru: Oh, well the cars here at the show are from local dealers in New England.

Us: Yeah, so shouldn’t they be present?

Subaru: The 2009’s aren’t at dealerships yet.

Us: Oh really? We just saw one last week at a dealership..

Subaru: It must’ve been a concept.

So there you have it folks. STi Blog staff apparently spotted a 2009 STi concept! 😆

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