Trapster: A new GPS based anti-ticket technology

Trapster is the latest and greatest anti-ticket technology. It’s composed of a social network of members who participate in reporting speed traps and other ticketing traps, such as red light and speed cameras.

Currently, the technology is available on select mobile platforms, and works by users submitting alerts over the Internet. These alerts are then stored in a central database, which are geotagged with their exact locations. Alerts can be anything from speed traps to speed cameras.

The technology has been created by Tenereillo, Inc. and is currently supported on a number of mobile platforms. Some of these mobile devices include: Blackberry, iPhone 3G, Windows Mobile, Nokia s60, Nokia N95, and other unlocked Java/J2ME phones. It also supports select navigation systems including Garmin, and TomTom.

The beauty of Trapster is that it’s a two way system: meaning alerts submitted from other users will alert you. (and alerts submitted by you will alert others) Driving down a road you may hear “Red light camera!”, which would be an example of a previously submitted alert from another user. This system has some great potential, but is there a large enough user base for this to work?

I live & work just outside of Boston, MA and noticed there were already a number of submitted alerts from many different users. Bear in mind, this area is loaded with office parks, but the trend and application seems to be growing quite quickly.

Trapster is currently free to join and use. Users can sign up on their website at For iPhone users, their application is also available for download in the iTunes App Store. I’ve included some screenshots below of the iPhone 3G Trapster application.

Overall, I believe a tool such as this would become very handy for any car enthusiast who likes to go on the occasional spirited drive. Although one things for sure; I’m certainly still keeping my Valentine One.

Trapster map overview of current location (GPS based)

Text format of surrounding nearby alerts (submitted by other users)

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  1. That’s awesome – I can’t wait to try it out!

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