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Roger Clark Motorsport: 2008 Time Attack PRO Winner

So what does it feel like to drive a 722 AWHP Impreza? Well Olly Clark from Roger Clark Motorspot LTD should certainly know! After all, he is the 2008 PRO Time Attack Champion. For any car fans, regardless of brand loyalty, this is a must see video! Olly drives the car on tarmac and sometimes […]

Over/Under: Pastrana & Block

Travis Pastrana and 0-60’s guy that jumps stuff, Ken Block go out and…jump stuff together. C’mon, you had to see this coming. Did you really think Pastrana, the man who jumps out of a plane sans chute was going to just sit around and let his Subaru Rally teammate, Ken Block, get all the attention for jumping […]

Ken Block Gymkhana Practice

I’ve seen a lot of car videos in my lifetime, and I mean a LOT. But this video tops all, by far. This is a must watch, especially by any rally or Subaru fan.

Incredible Stunt Driving!

I just came across this video in a thread on NASIOC. I know it isn’t a Subaru, but this video is definitely a must-see!

STi Drift Session by Petter Solberg

This video has always been one of my favorites. Petter Solberg drives a bonestock STi for a number of Japanese viewers, showing both him and the car are good investments.