PDE Tophat Bolt Length Update

Just posting up a quick update to my previous blog post about the PDE Camber Plates. As I previously mentioned, the tophat bolts that come with the camber plates are not long enough to properly fit a standard aftermarket front strut brace. (In my case, I’m using a larger TMIC Whiteline bar)

I took a quick run to my local Ace Hardware store and managed to find a set of bolts that fit perfectly, without any hassles or issues. The size I got was:

M8 x 1.25 x 40mm

The added length of these bolts provided plenty of clearance for the Whiteline front strut brace. When I took one of the stock bolts into the store with me, it appeared to be close to 25mm in length.

After picking up a set of 6 new bolts, I quickly put them onto the car, as I had been waiting to put the strut brace on for a few weeks. I simply jacked up the front end of the car, took the wheels off, and replaced the studs with the coilovers/camber plates still attached to the car. Obviously I loosened and removed the tophat nuts, but the lower control arm and knuckle still held the strut in place without issue. The lower strut bolts were not loosened or removed, therefore my alignment is still perfectly in tact.

I also picked up 6 new M8 tophat nuts, as the stock ones looked like they were going to be rounded soon.

I will post up pictures soon!

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