Toyota-Subaru RWD Sports Coupe Delayed Until 2012

Toyota-Subaru RWD Sports Coupe Concept

Well folks, it seems that Toyota has made the decision to halt production of the Subieota, a possible RWD sports car that was going to be built through a partnership between Subaru and Toyota.

No official reason was given on the decision, although we suspect the downturn in the US automotive economy certainly has something to do with it. Toyota spokesman Hideaki Homaa declined to elaborate when asked about setting any dates, but did reveal that the car won’t be seen until 2012 or later. In the mean time, it looks like we have a few more years to mock up some drawings of what we think the end result will be.

One thing that should be noted is Toyota nearly doubled it’s share in Fuji Heavy Industries this past April, coming out to a current total of 16.5%.

Now if only Toyota would let Subaru throw in a JDM twin-scroll 2.0 liter, then we’d have a real performance car. (and of course let North America finally get a shot at the JDM 2.0 liter)

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