Employee Pricing 15% off Coupon for Subaruparts.com

Don’t you just love it when you find coupons online, especially when your about to buy something? We certainly do! And it’s even better when it’s Subaru related.

User wundej over at the Fatwallet.com forums has posted up a 15% off employee pricing coupon to Subaruparts.com. You can find his post quoted below:

Got this in my email the other day:

Coupon Code = weT7VRVM
Email Text:
“This coupon is valid until the end of November, 2008. Please feel free to forward this coupon to everyone you know. You may also post this coupon on any forum, listing, or website. The coupon is valid for any product or part that Subaruparts.com sells.”

Place items in your cart, then display your cart, enter the coupon code (you don’t need an email address in there). It didn’t say in the email, but you need to buy $50 worth of stuff.

I got a pretty good deal on some stuff I’ve been interested in. I think that the best discounts were on the genuine subaru accessories, more so than the maintenance type items. I figured this could help all those people who just bought the 08 STi’s for so cheap.

Thanks wundej!

Original posting can be found here.

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