Japan Welcomes The Subaru Dex

The new Subaru Dex is now out, and can be found on the streets of Japan. This quirky Japanese “height wagon” features a 1.3 liter motor, and is essentially the Subaru version of Toyota’s Scion bB. Features that set it apart from the bB include a restyled front bumper, grille, headlights, hood, and wider fenders.

Since April; Daihatsu, Toyota, and Subaru have all been working on a 3-way model-sharing partnership. From Subaru’s corner, the Dex is their end result.

The 1.3 liter motor mates up to a 4 speed automatic transmission, which is designed for fuel economy. (as opposed to performance) Daihatsu also has it’s own version of this car, and markets it as the Materia or Coo, depending on the market.

There will be 3 different trim levels for the Dex. Pricing will range anywhere from $14,800 to $19,500.

More pictures can be found after the break.

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