Ken Block’s Gymkhana GRID Invitational

Ken Block Gymkhana GRID

Ken Block has recently announced that he will be holding a Gymkhana GRID Invitational event this upcoming weekend. The intention of this event is to expand Gymkhana’s reach, and to increase it’s popularity. (like he hasn’t done so already 🙂 ) He plans to do this by inviting some of the world’s top drivers to compete with him head to head on a specially designed Gymkhana course. Not to mention, these events are a great way for DC Shoes to gain exposure. Clearly, this event is building on the success of Block’s previous gymkhana videos: one, two, and three.

The event will take place this upcoming Friday and Saturday (December 3rd and 4th) at Irwindale Speedway in Irwindale, California. Some of the invited hot shoe drivers for this weekend’s event include Tanner Foust, Andrew Comrie-Picard, and Vaughn Gitten Jr. As many of you know, Gymkhana is pretty much one giant drift-fest, so I’m looking forward to footage of this event. After things have concluded, feel free to send in any footage you may have and I will be happy to post it up on the site. (Subaru content or not! 🙂 )

Video teaser after the break.

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One Response to “Ken Block’s Gymkhana GRID Invitational”

  1. yenjam says:

    Fantastic!!! love it. I am sure, many hot shoe drivers came to compete with Ken Block. Hope you will be posting any footage on that great event. Dying to take a glimpse of what did happen on the Gymkhana GRID Invitational event last December.

    Keep posted