Litchfield Type-20 Impreza STi, 0-60 in 3.9 seconds

Litchfield is back again, and this time their boasting quite a power bunch, or shall we say; boosting. To celebrate their move to a larger research & design facility, they’ve come out with the all new Type-20 Impreza, based on the 08 JDM STi.

“Our aim is to provide a high performance model to continue to take on the Mitsubishi FQ range and give the Subaru enthusiast the driving thrills they have come to expect from our earlier models. The Autosport show was the first chance potential customers have been able to view the new STI in person and we were delighted with their very positive response.”

Litchfield Imports had been awaiting the release of the new body style STi for quite some time. “I attended the launch of the new STI in Japan in November 2007 and got to drive a car in Tokyo. It was clear then that this car had a huge amount of potential. Subaru had not only improved the engine and chassis but now it has a more refined and within a subtle body style. We were very excited about it.” says Iain Litchfield, owner and founder of Litchfield Imports.

The new model features the JDM 2.0 liter boxer engine, paired up with a custom Type-20 Twinscroll turbo with Zircotec ceramic coating. The turbo was custom developed through a partnership with Turbo Dynamics.

“Key to the superb power delivery is our newly developed Twinscroll Turbo. Working closely with our Technical partners, Turbo Dynamics, we have been able to produce our own advanced casting that not only maintains the spool up characteristics of the standard turbo but also the airflow of a much larger unit” says Litchfield.

Other power features include a custom Litchfield air intake, re-tuned ECU, and a Milltek 3″ exhaust system featuring a 100 cell Hi-Flow cat, which provides for a weight savings of 20kg. According to Litchfield, this power combination produces 400 hp @ 7500 rpm and 375 lb-ft of torque @ 3,500 rpm. Expected 0-60 times are to be in the range of 3.9 seconds.

In addition to new found power, there are also plenty of suspension and body modifications done to this new model. Some of these additions include:

  • Revised chassis bushes and stiffer sway bars
  • Increased Castor angle and wheel base
  • JDM STI quicker 13.1 Steering Rack
  • Re-valved power steering system with increased feel and weight
  • AST 12-Way adjustable suspension allowing lower ride height (-35mm over standard)
  • STI front lip spoiler
  • Revised STI front grill
  • Litchfield front strut brace
  • Engine start button
  • Red Maserati style tail light option
  • 365mm Alcon Big Brake kit
  • 18×8.5 Lightweight Rota alloy wheels (from what we can tell, they’re Rota G-Forces)
  • High performance 245/40/18 Dunlop SP600 tires


The official site for the Type-20 Impreza can be found here.

Overall, it appears that this STi will pack quite the punch. Although, how will it really perform in real-world conditions? No can be sure until someone gets it out onto the track. In the mean time, all we can do is sit back and watch this Type-20 evolve. Will it be able to overtake and stack-up against the well-known Type-25?

More pictures after the break.

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  1. Litchfield looks good and promising. The range of 0-60 in 3.9 seconds looks appealing. All the Subaru lovers would look up for this and wait for more reviews of it regarding performance wise.

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