Subaru: The Only Brand to Show a Sales Increase in 2008

Subaru of America has announced and posted their November 08 sales results. It seems they have set a new record, with Forester sales being up by 64% for this past month. We’ve also been told that STi sales during the month of November have been the best ever since 2004, when the STi first came to the United States. (700+ units)

Subaru has also been the only brand to show a sales increase for the first 11 months of 2008.

Some points of the article entail:

  • Year-to-date sales up 1%
  • November sales down 8%
  • Forester sets new record for November sales, up 64%

CHERRY HILL, N.J., Dec. 2 — Subaru of America, Inc. today announced an 8-percent decrease in sales for the month of November versus November 2007. Subaru remains one of the few automotive brands to show a sales increase for the year, with total sales year-to-date up 1-percent. Subaru of America sold 170,412 units through November compared with 168,469 units during the same period last year.

Sales for the Subaru Forester were up 64-percent and the Subaru Impreza posted a 4-percent gain with unit sales of 4,996 and 3,873 respectively.

            08-Nov    07-Nov     +/-   YTD 08    YTD 07     +/-
  Impreza    3,873     3,731      4%   44,906    40,957     10%
  Legacy     1,529     1,793    -15%   20,772    19,028      9%
  Outback*   2,686     4,879    -45%   40,213    51,503    -22%
  Forester   4,996     3,046     64%   54,249    40,538     34%
  Tribeca      622     1,417    -56%   10,270    15,319    -33%
  Total**   13,706    14,868     -8%  170,412   168,469      1%

  *Includes Legacy Wagon
  **Total sales include 2 Baja sales in '08 including 1 in 
  Oct. '08. Include 1122 Baja sales '07 YTD

“While overall numbers were down for the month, November sales remained strong for the core of our product line-up, with Impreza and Forester showing strong growth for the month. Forester sales were up 64-percent, setting a new November sales record. For the year, sales are up 1-percent over 2007 and Impreza, Forester and Legacy models are all on track for best-ever annual sales,” said Tim Colbeck, vice president sales, Subaru of America, Inc. “This is proof that even in a very tough sales market, the right combination of product, price and value can still motivate consumers.”

“Subaru continues to outperform the industry by offering the type of long-term value consumers are looking for in a difficult economic environment,” said Thomas J. Doll, executive vice president, Subaru of America, Inc. “The Subaru brand was ranked second in the annual Automotive Lease Guide (ALG) residual value study and scored near the top in the Kelley Blue Book (KBB) retained value study after five years of ownership.”

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