Subaru & Toyota to offer rear-drive coupe?

Photo scanned from the Japanese magazine, Best Car

There have been discussions of an alliance between Subaru and Toyota for quite some time now. Recent rumors have been stirring and the uprise of a new model has made it’s way into the picture.

The Subieota is rumored to be a rear-drive coupe, which would quite possibly be making it’s way to the US. Recent internet chatter has determined that if released in North America, the car would be badged under Toyota’s line as a Scion. Although it’s also been rumored that both companies will be able to sell it’s own branded version in markets around the world.

The powerplant is expected to be Subaru’s 2.0 liter boxer, tuned to about 200hp. (though 2.5 liter rumors have also been played with

) Overall the really makes me wonder on Subaru’s current stance, as they’ve been primarily recognized as a company with only AWD applications.

When will the STi version come?

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