High Speed + Snow Tires = FAIL

Subaru Safety Rating

One of our readers tipped us off on a post they found over at the FinalGear forums. Apparently, a friend of a FinalGear member was driving late at night, and swerved to avoid a deer. The outcome? The car hit two tress, flipped twice, and everyone survived.

The driver of the car had a harness bar installed, and claims that it worked wonders in helping him and his co-occupants survive. We’re not really sure how much just a harness bar would truly help, but at lease they’re ok.

I’ve decided to post this up, just because it goes to show how tough these STi’s truly are. I’ve attached a number of pictures taken by the driver, which were posted to his Photobucket account.

I’m still pondering a couple of things though…

  1. Why is the car wearing Bridgestone Blizzak Winter Tires?
  2. Did our driver really try to avoid a deer, or did we just encounter some lift-off oversteer while running out of road?

Original thread can be found here. More pictures after the jump.

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