Subaru Mountain Rescue Forester

The Subaru Mountain Rescue Forester has been featured at several auto shows across the US so far, and we figured we’d post some more pictures of it. It was recently featured at our local New England International Auto Show which was held at the Boston Convention Center in Boston, MA. (for those who don’t know, STi Blog is semi New England based)

We don’t have many words to describe this beast, although we think it would be really cool if Ski patrols and other businesses were to adopt a Subaru vehicle outfitted such as this one.

More pictures can be found after the break. Please note, these pictures are super-duper high quality!

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2 Responses to “Subaru Mountain Rescue Forester”

  1. quicksilver says:

    Although there’s a lot I don’t like about it’s cosmetics, I’d love to hear about it’s ride quality, suspension mods, all with an eye towards the tractibility OFF-ROAD!

  2. Greg Magnus says:

    Looks like a serious off-road ride but I agree with quicksilver; the cosmetics could use a little work.

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