Wicked Big Meet 2009

Ken Block's Gymkhana Car (2009 STi)

Wicked Big Meet: A large gathering of car enthusiasts who all share one thing in common: passion for Subaru’s.

Despite the rain, hundreds of people made their way out to Wicked Big Meet 2009 today. Located just an hour outside of Boston in Princeton, MA, Subaru enthusiasts gathered for the 5th Wicked Big Meet event.

An overall great time was had by all. There were a few special surprises of note:

  • Ken Block’s 2009 STi Gymkhana car was on display for everyone to drool over
  • Ken Block & Travis Pastrana’s Subaru rally cars were on display
  • Pro drifting driver Tarzan Yamada made an appearance

I took several pictures of today’s event, all of which can be found in the gallery after the break.

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3 Responses to “Wicked Big Meet 2009”

  1. Moba says:

    Anyone get any pics of videos of the clown in the back parking lot doing drift circles?

  2. Acejam says:

    I don’t have any video or pics of that guy, but I’d love to see some footage of his Ken Block imitation!

  3. Frank says:

    I have to ask ..as a middle aged car guy…what is the fascination with these cars ? I’m sorry to say this but it breaks my heart to see future youthful car guys driving cars that we wouldn’t have been caught dead in years ago

    1. You can stick all the day glo turbos you want on these things ….you are driving a toaster engine

    2. Without the day glo turbo chargers you are left with some hippie woman’s eco friendly station wagon to get to Whole Foods

    3. The hood scoop and over the top rear wing doesn’t change anything ….it’s a station wagon

    God almighty …I would go on about what a balls to the wall drive, engine and look the Z06 Corvette is…because it is..

    but please….go get something else with a man’s engine and a real body….

    a Camaro SS, a Mustang, a used Porsche….but please get your balls back and enough of the weenie japanese toasters

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