Happy Holidays, and the future of STi Blog

Wow, it’s been quite some time. I’ve been very busy over the last few months, and unfortunately, have had little time to update STi Blog.

One of the contributing factors to my busy schedule this year was autocrossing. I decided that I wanted to be more competitive at a local-level this year, and work on becoming a better drive. Things turned out pretty good for me in the end though, and I ended up taking the New England Region SCCA BSP class championship. Although in the end, I actually won BSP by literally 1 run. I plan on writing a blog post soon about my past season’s experience, and what I took from it.

Moving forward, I’m looking to continue in either BSP, or move down to STU. There are several pros and cons to each class, and I’m currently in the process of weighing them. What I can tell you is this – I plan on writing frequent blog entries, following my autocross season and progress, starting next year at the beginning of the season. I will be documenting everything including my setup and event results.

Overall, it’s been a great year, and I can assure you more content is on the way soon. In the meantime, Happy Holidays!

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