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Toyobaru: Codenamed 086A still in the works

At the recent Nostalgic Car Show in Tokyo’s Odaiba, 7Tune got busy talking with a few people in the know about a certain two door coupe.  Indeed there has been a lot of talk and rumors about the jointly developed ‘Toyobaru” sports coupe in the news of late. However we have it on good authority that […]

Toyobaru still on track for 2012, Direct Injection

It appears that the joint effort between Toyota and Subaru is still up and running. Their latest concept, codenamed “086A” is the creation of a FR (front engine, rear wheel drive) sports coupe. The car is set to feature a rear wheel drive conversion, powered by Subaru’s infamous 2.0 liter turbocharged boxer engine. Many speculations have […]

Subaru & Toyota to offer rear-drive coupe?

Photo scanned from the Japanese magazine, Best Car There have been discussions of an alliance between Subaru and Toyota for quite some time now. Recent rumors have been stirring and the uprise of a new model has made it’s way into the picture. The Subieota is rumored to be a rear-drive coupe, which would quite […]

Impreza WRX STI Takumi Concept

Another STi emerging from Subaru. Not many details on this model yet, but according to the French automotive blog leblogauto, this concept STi features a redesigned suspension with far sportier handling than the current model. No mentions of power imporovements have been made as of yet. Subaru Impreza WRX STi Takumi Concept. Photo by As […]