My YouTube Exhaust Video: 44,000 Views and Counting!

It seems that over this past year, one of my YouTube video has gotten very popular. So popular, to the fact that it just hit 44,000 views. I’d say that’s pretty impressive considering it’s just a video of me revving my exhaust. The setup is a Helix Catted DP with an Invidia N1 Race Catback. The race version of this catback contains an open mid-pipe, with no resonator. (the ‘Non-race’ version contains a resonator) I’ve gotten boatloads of comments about how nice the setup sounds.

When I initially decided to purchase an exhaust, I did tons of research on what systems were popular, and how they fit with each other. (taper to 2.5″, 3″, etc) An important factor for me though was sound. If I was going to spend the money, I wanted it to sound good. Along with a nice clean sound, I also wanted something that was loud. I think that the Subaru unequal-length exhaust manifold boxer sound is one of the best exhaust sounds out there. I’ve promised myself that if I ever decided to get a new exhaust manifold, I will never get an equal length setup as I don’t want to loose the legendary boxer rumble.

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