Over/Under: Pastrana & Block

Travis Pastrana and 0-60’s guy that jumps stuff, Ken Block go out and…jump stuff together.

C’mon, you had to see this coming. Did you really think Pastrana, the man who jumps out of a plane sans chute was going to just sit around and let his Subaru Rally teammate, Ken Block, get all the attention for jumping rally cars. Of course not. So a few months ago for the cover of Racer X, Travis and Ken set up this little stunt. A mash-up of motox and rally hoonage. Kudos we say. Check the video below.

And here’s what Ken had to say about it: “Glad Travis didn’t hit his head on the top of my car and at least I didn’t break my back this time.”

[ Source: 0-60mag ]

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2 Responses to “Over/Under: Pastrana & Block”

  1. All those guys seem to do off-event is mess about doing crazy stunts. Oh the life of a paid works driver! The video of the gymkhana practice is nuts though, definetly the rally video of the moment.

  2. Acejam says:

    It’s the rally video of the year for me! haha

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