Subaru Impreza AWD Drift Video

I came across this video a few months ago on YouTube and finally thought I’d post it up after seeing it again today. The car featured is an older turbo Impreza. Clearly the car has anti-lag, which gives it that gunshot backfire. Anti-lag helps in eliminating turbo lag but consistently running the turbo, therefore always creating boost, and allowing for on-demand power without delay. Today, they are most often found in WRC rally cars and the like. But I must say, this driver has got some serious skills.

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2 Responses to “Subaru Impreza AWD Drift Video”

  1. I love ALS. Sounds so effing sweet. I also think the guy in this video has straight cut gears, some of that whine isnt the turbo, im guessing it is straight cut gears.

  2. Acejam says:

    Oh I bet! Most likely the car has a dogbox, so he’s probably just banging the gears. The combination of a dogbox and straight cut gears sounds almost like a supercharger sometimes!

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